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Practical Money Matters

Visa’s Practical Money Matters column delivers expert personal finance tips to consumers of all ages in English and Spanish. The article series has been syndicated nationwide in 500 U.S. newspapers and a Huffington Post blog. Topics include saving, budgeting, credit & debt, life events, taxes, retirement, insurance and more.

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Putting Together a Great Wedding on a Budget

Will a modern wedding endanger your finances? It doesn't have With the average price of an American wedding over $31,000, the big day can impose financial stress for those who don't have savings in It's important to remember that these numbers...

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5 Tips for Planning a Property-Sharing Vacation

If you've thought about renting property on vacation, keep in mind that it's become a lot easier – and in some ways, Much of the vacation rental process has moved online, making the process simpler and more Also, the so-called "sharing...

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Growing Summer Savings in the Garden

Have you ever thought about growing your own fruits and vegetables at home? For experienced gardeners, the cold months are when their imaginations get fired up; seed catalogs seem to blow in with the arctic blast, accompanied by companion mailings from...

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Cutting Your Medical Bills via Smartphone

What if your next doctor's visit could happen by smartphone from anywhere in the world? It could happen sooner than you It's called telemedicine, or telehealth: The use of Internet-connected devices to communicate information about diseases, symptoms and other health The...

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Keeping Kids' Sports Costs Under Control

Most parents put countless miles on the car driving kids back and forth from various practices and games throughout elementary and secondary As for the actual dollars behind all that driving and purchasing of uniforms, equipment, lessons and various activity fees,...

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Sharing Money Problems with Kids

Kids are surprisingly resilient in the face of a But even so, serious family money troubles can potentially affect a young person's home life, education and outlook on money management down the While my wife and I don't have kids, children...

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Making Phased Retirement Work for You

Phased retirement – a catchall term that describes a variety of part-time and reduced-hour work arrangements before leaving an employer for good – is gaining But before you sign on, it's important to understand how "phasing out" may affect your long-term...

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Keeping Your New Year's Financial Resolutions

Whether you're talking about diet, exercise or money, keeping New Year's resolutions is A University of Scranton researcher noted that "weight loss" is the current reigning resolution, followed by "improve finances" at And while the study showed that roughly 40-46 percent...

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Take a Close Look at Social Security in 2016

If you're not close to retirement age, it's easy to ignore what Social Security is However, some significant announcements late last year make now a very good time to pay What follows is a summary of notable changes to Social Security...

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5 Ways to be Charitable on a Budget

If you've ever wondered if you can be charitable with only a few extra dollars in your wallet or a little bit of free time, the answer is You just have to get a little In the Chronicle of Philanthropy's latest...

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Create a Financial Calendar for the New Year

When was the last time you made a financial resolution on New Year's Eve? If you can't remember, you're in good Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America's annual New Year's resolutions survey for 2014 reported that 49 percent of respondents...

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5 Things to Do With an Unexpected Inheritance

Unexpected money from a friend or relative can be a great surprise or a potentially difficult money How you plan for unexpected money issues overall can be a key to how well you'll handle a sudden Many people don't do so...

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Leasing v. Buying Your Next Car

With the average Kelley Blue Book cost of a new vehicle around $33,730 any car buyers are rethinking traditional car According to more than 25 percent of new American cars are now financed by lease instead of loan, and most of...

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Think Twice About Spending That Bonus

When is a bonus not a bonus? When you fail to think about what that extra income will mean to your overall I don't mean to spoil the Bonuses, particularly if they recognize your great performance during the year, are rewarding...

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Your Year-End Financial Checklist

It will begin soon enough – all those "beat the rush!" ads for holiday shopping, activities and Right now, you have a great opportunity to beat the rush to organize your year-end finances and make some smart moves for the New...

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