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Help your parents plan for the inevitable

Many people will go out of their way to avoid talking about illness, death and money, especially when aging parents are concerned. But the reality is, we all get older and eventually need help from others. The more prepared you are...

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401(k) plans pack a big tax-savings punch

Managing your personal finances can be a constant juggling act where car payments, a mortgage and college savings all compete with daily Despite today’s pressing needs, don’t lose site of tomorrow’s top financial priority: your Financial planners often speak of the...

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Save money during your benefits open enrollment

For millions of Americans, workplace benefits open enrollment for 2007 is just weeks away. Consider this: By simply checking "same as last year" on your enrollment form, you may miss an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your taxes. Check to...

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Protect your elderly family members from financial scams

Forty billion dollars. That's how much crooked telemarketers steal from Americans each year, according to the National Consumers League; and 56 percent of those victims are over age 50, says the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). What can you do...

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How to choose the right property insurance for you

Updated April 23, 2020We’ve all been haunted by images of people who lost everything to a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster. All too often, though, people’s lives are overturned by more commonplace events – either because they’re uninsured, or they...

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Sometimes 'educational' equals 'fun'

Sometimes the easiest way to interest your children in something is to turn it into a game - whether it's getting a toddler to eat breakfast or entertaining a carload of third-graders. But when the topic is even remotely "educational," you...

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Will your kids inherit your ‘money personality’

As parents, what we say and do regarding money can profoundly influence our children’s future financial habits. That’s a sobering thought for those of us who may not have always made the best financial decisions in our own lives.So what can...

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Protect yourself against identity theft

One of today’s fastest-growing and most ominous crimes is identity theft, where someone steals your personal information and uses it to open a bank account or loan, make purchases, secure false identification, or commit other offenses. Victims are often unaware it’s...

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'Back to school' shopping tips

It's hard to believe "back to school" season is right around the corner, but that's what store displays have been telling us for weeks. Before blindly opening your wallet, take a few moments to form a plan of attack for both...

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Grandma was right; saving is important

My grandparents used to tell us, “Always put something aside for a rainy day.” It looks like a lot of people haven’t called their grandma and grandpa lately. Personal savings rates in the U.S. have declined steadily for the past two...

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Debit card 101: what they are, how they work

It's hard to fathom how much the financial industry has changed in the past several decades. Before the first charge card was introduced in 1950, "cash and carry" was pretty much the rule for most purchases. Prior to widespread use of...

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Choose the right credit card for your needs

You probably get numerous credit card offers every month. Many list terms that sound too good to be true, which often means they are: percent interest, huge credit limits, free rewards — the list goes on. Although good deals do exist...

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Get more for your money on your next vacation

Summer is here and millions of Americans will be taking their annual vacations. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your vacation lives up to your dreams and doesn’t devolve into a fiscal nightmare. Do your research....

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Got kids? Start saving for college now

Getting a college education just got more expensive. That’s because on July 1, interest rates for federal education loans to students and parents increased by 1.84 percentage points and now range from 6.54 percent to 8.5 percent. Before abandoning plans to send...

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